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Online Degree Programs

Everest College Phoenix offers you the opportunity to get your degree online, anytime, anywhere!

Everest College Phoenix understands that you're busy and that you have a life outside of school.

That's why having the option to earn your associate or bachelor's degree online can help you start or advance your career, while still working and taking care of your family. You can also mix it up by taking some courses online and some in the classroom.

The online courses incorporate the same curriculum as ground campuses. So the only real question is: What works best for you?

Here is a complete list of online degree programs offered at Everest College Phoenix:

Online Business Degree Programs

These online business degree programs can help you acquire the skills and education you need to work in sales, marketing, management or business administration. These courses are available in either online or ground campus versions:

  • Accounting Associate Degree (Online)

    The online Associate in Applied Science in Accounting introduces students to the accounting discipline, business communications, business mathematics, and various accounting practices.

  • Business Associate Degree (Online)

    The Associate in Applied Science in Business program provides a broad knowledge of business, and may allow students to specialize in management, marketing or business administration. This online business degree program can prepare you for entry-level employment in business, industry and government.

  • Business Administration Bachelor's Degree (Online)

    The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program provides hands-on computer education, accounting skills and a solid business background.

Online Legal Degree Programs

If you are interested in working in the challenging legal or criminal justice field, Everest College Phoenix offers a variety of programs that can provide you with the background you need to compete for entry-level positions.

  • Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree (Online)

    Would you like to help enforce the law? The online Criminal Justice bachelor's degree program can teach you the skills needed to maintain law and order, protect life and property, and conduct administration, planning and research services. This program is designed to prepare you for a career in corrections, probation, immigration and security administration.

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